2019 Teams

Sponsor Team Name  Captain Division Tent
Luminina Nina's Dream Anne Kist BCS 2
Luminina Nina's Vision Anne Kist BCS 3
Luminina Nina's Hope Anne Kist BCS 4
Kentucky Thorough-Breasts Kentucky Thorough-Breasts Priscilla Elgersma  BCS 5
Hearts of Steel Hearts of Steel Darlene Goldfinch/
John Cesca
None Running on Water Shannon Senger Mixed 8
None HSBC Asian/Pacific Islanders Diversity Committee Novem Cheng Mixed 29
Moog Moog A Chris Donnelly Mixed 15
Buffalo Medical Group Oncology- Team 1 Row to Recovery Gina Brown Mixed 7A
Columbus McKinnon Corporation Columbus McKinnon Christie Lagowski/
Frauke Stoffel
Mixed 24
Valu Home Center Valu Crew Cheryl Crist Mixed 7B
None Team Haley Krista Fitzsimmons Mixed 25
None Betsy Sandra Haefner Mixed 26
FreedMaxick CPAs, P.C. FreedMaxick CPAs, P.C. Barbara Danner Mixed 12
None River Rats Jill Jakubowicz Mixed 38
None The Doggie Paddlers Jennifer Gurz Mixed 37
Linde "Linde 4 Hope" Christi Roorda Mixed 17
Confucius Institute/
Bruce Acker
Confucius Institute Team 1 Bruce Acker Mixed 30
Confucius Institute/
Bruce Acker
Confucius Institute Team 2 Bruce Acker Mixed 31
Graphic Controls Graphic Controls Renee Biscotto Mixed 10
Local 282 BFD Local 282 Buffalo Firefighters Guns n hoses Margaret keane Mixed 39
Local 282 BFD Local 282 Buffalo Firefighters Smoke on the water Liz Manna Mixed 40
Parkside Candy Parkside Candy Paddlers Phil Buffomanti Mixed 13
None Bosom Buddies Bob Florian Mixed 14
Circuit Clinical Circuit Clinical Shae Morton Mixed 33
None Harris Hill Gang and Company Susan Corrie Mixed 32
Bond, Schoeneck & King Bond 007 Agents Pam O'Rourke Mixed 44
None Fitness 19 Williamsville Caroline Karanas/
Chrissy Sommer
Mixed 41
None Holmes Helping Hands Maryanne Aquino Mixed 42
Moog Moog 1 Jason Majchrzak Mixed 16
  Island Paddlers David Donner Mixed 43
None "Cha Cha's Megan Malinowski Mixed 27
Orchard Park Family Practice OPFP Making Waves Julie Soto Mixed 34
Great Lakes Cancer Care Kaleida Health Nadine Logel-Jarka Mixed 35
The MOV’n Dragons YES Judy Sites Womens 11
None Persisters Michele Barczak/
Paula Lawson
Womens 1
BAC Definitely Deezel Ellen Coleman Womens 18
BAC Triple Threat Kristin Carson Womens 19
BAC Up a Creek Mary Gibbons Womens 20
BAC T&A Traci Terlecky Womens 21
BAC Cathy's Crusaders Cathy Gimlin Womens 22
None "Breast Friends" Cathy Lefko Womens 9
None One8Fifty Dragonflies Kathy Alm Womens 36