Paddling Health Benefits

Everyone knows exercise is good for the mind, body, and soul. But, did you know physicians recommend that breast cancer survivors engage in repetitive, upper body exercises to increase flexibility, aerobic capacity, and strength? Many years ago, breast cancer survivors were told to restrict activities of the upper body to avoid the potential problems of lymphedema (a chronic and difficult-to-treat swelling of the limbs). Research has now proven otherwise. Paddling is an excellent exercise for anyone but particularly for breast cancer survivors because it uses repetitive upper body movements.

Paddling tones muscles in the upper body including your back, chest, stomach, and arms. Your lower body will benefit as well. Paddling helps you tone up almost every muscle in your body which results in looking and feeling better!

At exercise classes and paddling sessions, you’ll meet strangers with only a disease in common who may become some of your most treasured friends. You’ll be undertaking strenuous exercise and having fun despite being physically challenged. At races, you will be challenged to be perfectly synchronized with your teammates, and you will be amazed at your inner strength and energy.